I am emailed questions all the time and thought, instead of emailing everyone, I could localize some of those questions. Don't worry - I'll still answer emails! I simply want to save some of your time. ♥

How old are you? Twenty-something. How old do you think I am? >curious<

Is your hair naturally red? I am absolutely a natural ginger and, within the last year, have learned to love it. I've spent the past several years with teal/purple/blue streaks and tips, so being a full-on redhead again is new to me. VagabondHusband preferred the natural locks, so I kept them that way for the wedding and just never went back. I'm hoping to go a lighter red soon but, I'll be honest, I miss my teal hair.

How many tattoos do you have and what are they? Currently, thirteen, but I have many more in my head just waiting on me to make them permanent. Many of mine are small but mighty - kind of like me!
 I normally get one or two a year, and started when I was 18. Monet's House of Parliament on my left bicep is my favorite, followed closely by the sheet music to 'Let it Be' around my left wrist.

How do you do it all and keep your sanity?
This is probably my most asked question. Being a mom, a blogger, an Etsian, a full-time student and a volunteer for multiple organizations, one would think I never had time to breathe. I do, somehow, though. My honest answer is that I just do it. I make lists, and I pound through it. Luckily, I love what I do, so it's enjoyable to me. I sometimes question my own sanity - who takes on this much voluntarily, anyway? - but I maintain a lower stress level by making sure I take time for me. I also make it a point to cuddle up right before bed for about twenty minutes of just pure pleasure reading. If I can ever find a yoga video that doesn't make me collapse in giggle fits, I'm hoping to start doing yoga again, as well. 

Why did you pick philosophy as a major? Or did it pick you? What do you plan to do with it?

Philosophy absolutely picked me. I took the Gen. Ed Philosophy course while I was an Art Education major, and just fell in love with the subject - most especially the philosophies of religion. A couple semesters later, I took a Philosophies of Peace course, and it was over from there - I changed majors before the semester was even over. Walking away from being an art student shocked everyone, as I've wanted to teach art or be an artist (or a pilot, I wanted to be an A-10 pilot, as well), since I was 5 or 6. Specifically, I am a Political and Social Philosophy major (my other choices were Eastern Philosophy or Western Philosophy), with a minor in Peace Studies. I hope to go to grad school for something related to International Conflict Management, as well as obtain Non-Profit certification. My original plan was to do something along the lines of working with the government or U.N. but, the more I learn about them, the less I think that's a good fit for me. If I could get a job with Amnesty International, however, I would be thrilled. When the kids are grown, I absolutely plan to join the Peace Corps. I have a missionary heart, in reality...just not the beliefs that go behind it. I want to help people. Being a Philosophy major has given me the open mind I needed to be able to do so in a fashion that I can be proud of.

How did you get started with being eco-friendly?
It was a total accident. I started making homemade laundry detergent, when ArtistChild was little, in order to save money. After falling in love with it, I started researching other homemade options, and discovered that they're eco-friendly...also discovering the nasty chemicals in our normal products. I've always been a DIY'er, but it really snowballed from that point and has been an ever-growing part of my life.


How did you get started blogging? Remember Xanga? My first blog started there, and I've had many more personal blogs over the years. The VagabondWedding became something that I wanted to chronicle, do to all the DIY projects and planning, so I started this one and decided I wanted to make it into something bigger. 

Who designs your blog? It's a mix-mash of several people, actually. Most of the work itself is done by me because I'm a DIY'er who likes to learn, but I've bounced ideas, layouts, graphics, and mood boards off of several graphic designer friends. I'm in the middle of the Design Love E-Course from A Beautiful Mess, and that has helped a great deal. I've implemented very little from the course itself, but I have a mock blog that I will transfer to here when I'm done! 

How did you make the leap to Etsy?
Etsy was actually easy for me - I took photos of the products, and listed it. Voila! I had a store. I did take the time to read through their Etsy Seller Handbook and learn all about how to write a proper listing, take buyer-friendly photos, etc. I think if someone wants to start an Etsy, the Etsy Seller Handbook is the place to start.

Why 'The Vagabond Studio'?
Honestly, the name catches a lot more attention than I ever expected. I wanted something that was 'me' and didn't already come up in Google searches and wasn't taken on Etsy. The rest of the story of how it was created can be found here. I'm very proud of the name we came up with!

What do you sell in your Etsy shop? Does it ever change?
For the most part, I stick with bouquets (which don't have to be for weddings - they make great centerpieces as well!), and upcycled hair accessories. Mostly. I'm also an artist, so I list my art from time to time. I also have several crates of yarn I need to get rid of, so I've been debating crocheting either hair accessories or other accessories and donating a portion of the proceeds to Ryan's Well Foundation. I do plan on sticking with the Vagabond philosophy behind my store and blog - it's not likely I'll stick with any one thing for forever. Though, I see the bouquets being a long-term business, the style will just change from time to time. ♥

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere. It actually seems to be a fairly predictable cycle with me - I love photography, and am constantly taking photos. Things, places, and ideas inspire me to photograph them, and then  (sometimes at that moment, sometimes later) those photographs inspire me to create something new. Once, I made a dress because I was inspired from the colors in a photograph I had taken of a leaf six months previous. So it really just depends on what hits me at that particular moment. If it's not a creative 'surge' of 'I have to do this!', then it's generally a need I have to fix things. I like fixing problems, especially environmental problems, and that gives me little epiphanies quite often. 

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