Icky Winter vs Natural Supplements

Natural supplements to boost immunity are a must in the winter. Winter is the time of year when people are most subject to infectious and communicable diseases. The reason why is not certain—perhaps people spend more time indoors and so become more crowded together, or maybe the mucous membranes tend to become dehydrated in the cold weather, rendering the body more vulnerable. Whatever the reason, right now we are in the midst of an influenza epidemic, and you need to be protected against things like this. You might think that these means complex immunization plans, but fortunately this does not have to be. There are plenty of natural substances that can strengthen your body’s defenses. The following sections will describe such remedies, taken from various websites, as indicated therein.

What are the best immunity-boosting substances?

Dr. Ray Sahelian—who has written a cookbook on natural ingredients—has compiled a list of ingredients, some taken from various species of mushrooms, that are especially good for the immune system. Many of them come from exotic locations and have been used in medicine by the local peoples for thousands of years. Among them are:

  • garlic—also has medicinal properties
  • astralagus—an herb first cultivated in China; has been shown by lab tests to prevent herpes
  • cat’s claw—also known by its Spanish name, uña de gato; cultivated in the Amazon River basin region, where it has always been widely used because of its anti-inflammatory qualities
  • oregano—This spice not only stimulates the immune system, but also serves as an antioxidant and anti-fungal agent and can help to control one’s level of blood sugar
  • zinc
  • vitamins C, D and E (natural complex)
  • AHCC—an anti-cancer agent
  • propolis—an ingredient taken from beehives
  • flavonoids—a group of secondary metabolites taken from plants; most are effective at combating germs
  • goldenseal—a relative of the buttercup that grows in New England and in southeastern Canada; often used to enhance the immune system
  • reishi—also called lingzhi, a mushroom found in China long used as a “folk remedy,” now known to be an anti-tumor agent as well as an immunity enhancer

There are many other immune-boosting herbs and spices in addition to the ones listed above. Some that are not on Dr. Sahelian’s list include:

  • ashwagandha—native to India, has a name derived from the Sanskrit words अश्वः horse and गन्धः smell, odor; mentioned in the Ayurvedas, the ancient Indian medical texts, where its anti-infectious properties are mentioned; it is also said to reduce stress and increase energy levels. Another, less exotic name for the plant is winter cherry.
  • licorice root—aids the body in resisting bacteria and viruses; also helps those suffering from depression, chronic fatigue or fever. Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Some manufactured formulas for a healthier immune system

Pharmacists have manufactured a variety of products that can improve immune system health. Below is a description of some of these, with a link to the store where they may be bought.

  • mucosagen—soothes the intestinal tract; contains various vitamins, proteins and amino acids that serve as antibiotics and protect the liver. Health by Dr. K.
  • Immunity Increase—a unique combination of medicinal herbs, including alfalfa, ayurvedic wheatgrass, sunflower, flax and sesame seeds, young barley grass and spirulina.Immunity Increase. Can be ordered with the e-book Hyper Health—the Fast Lane to Healthy Living.
  • Kpax Immune Support Formula—contains antioxidants, including an abundants of the micronutrient type; also α lipoic acid for immune health and N-acetyl-cysteine for immune support; perfect for those whose immune systems have been “severely compromised” by NAC deficiency. Health by Dr. K., where Kpax Strawberry Blast and Protein Blast are also available.

There is nothing like a few simple organic supplements to make you feel better and make you more resistant to the diseases that threaten during the coldest months of the year. Author Bio Ron Thompson writes for Del-Immune V®, a unique probiotic supplement made from the lactobacillus rhamnosus which is a natural immune system booster and offers how to treat sinusitis. Try DelPro Immune probiotic products for a new healthier you.

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