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Dec 15, 2012

A few days ago, I wrote a post on finding my ray of sunshine. So far, it's working. I'm laughing more, talking more, creating more (lots more, actually), but life-changes and life-related stress still effect me in such a way that I'm fairly emotional. Not roller coaster emotional, but I tear up a good bit, throughout the day. In the midst of my ray-of-sunshine creative spurt today, I moved something on my drafting table and immediately spotted a chunk of fabric. I went to move it, and realized it wasn't fabric, but a shirt, full of seashells. I cried, remembering both from where they came and how they wound up in that spot. Then I realized that I had to move them in order to work. So, I grabbed the camera to take photos while I decided what to do with them.

While doing this, I spotted a few which I specifically remembered. Then I recalled a few memories of them being given to me, or dug up. Then I remembered the entire sea-shell collecting experience, all at once, like an unexpected force of vision slamming right into my head/heart. And this time, I didn't cry. I simply teared up a bit...and smiled, and then laughed. Smiled and laughed, because it was a wonderful experience. One, in fact, that I never, ever want to forget. Upon this realization, I decided to add to my little 'goal' list. Not only do I want to focus on the positive and happy so I can rediscover the me I love, but I want to focus on the happy memories, as well. There have been experiences in my life which, along with the negative experiences, changed me for the better, and I would be doing a disservice to discount those. There have been little moments, especially over the past couple of years, where I've stopped to appreciate life in a whole new way - often by digging my feet into moss, exploring new woods, climbing rocks at a nearly-empty creek, or navigating my favorite cities. Those memories...those are worth hanging on to.

So I will.


  1. :) Sweet post. It's amazing how simple things can trigger such strong emotions.

  2. Always in deep love with your words.


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