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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Like many moms, I stay super busy most days. I home school my daughter
and maintain a full-time job in addition to blogging. Of course, there’s also the
housework, gardening, and let’s not forget the cooking. I don’t want to skimp on
nutrition when it comes to dinner, but I don’t always have a lot of time to cook
either. That’s why I get so excited any time I come across a great time saving
and nutritious recipe, but they are hard to find. Often I just modify recipes to
make them easier, quicker, or suited to my family’s likes. Like this veggie pasta
recipe. It’s healthy, filling, tastes great, and can be cooked in under 20 minutes,
including prep time! We also have a printable recipe for your convenience!

Here are the ingredients:
1 box whole wheat linguine (13.25 oz)
3 medium vine ripened tomatoes, seeded and diced
3 cloves garlic, sliced very thin
5 tbsp butter
8 oz arugula or spinach (sliced into very thin ribbons to make about 5 cups)
3 tbsp olive oil
Shredded parmesan

I always start with placing an online shopping order with my grocery store so that
I can run by and pick up all of the ingredients I don’t have the next day without
having to get out of the car. This is an amazing service, so if it’s offered by any
store in your area, I highly recommend you give it a shot! In the summer, you
may have many or all of these ingredients on hand anyway and garden fresh is
always best!

Now to put this together in a hurry:
• Bring salted water to a rolling boil and add the olive oil and the linguine.
Cook for 5 minutes less than the time recommended on the box.
• While the pasta cooks, dice the tomatoes and slice the greens and garlic.
Put ½ the butter in a wok or large pan on medium high and lightly brown
garlic. Remove from heat.
• Now drain the linguine, reserving 2 cups of the water in which it cooked.
• Add the cooked linguine, two cups of cooking water, remaining butter,
and tomatoes to the garlic butter mixture. Return to medium high heat for
about 5 minutes until pasta is al dente and most of the water is gone.
• Add the sliced greens and toss to wilt.
• Serve with shredded parmesan sprinkled on top to taste.

Now how easy is that? And if you have older kids that can help, it’s even less
work! This pasta has a rich and creamy flavor thanks to the healthy oils, butter,
and cheese. Arugula is a little peppery so if you substitute spinach you get a
milder flavor.

How does your family get mealtime done when time is short?

Laura Broach is author of the blog, Mama Making Changes, about her
family’s journey to become more green, more healthy, and more educated about
food. See to read more posts by Laura.


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